Our company, Matang Berhad (“Matang” or the “Company”), was incorporated in Malaysia on 28 April 2015 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a public limited company.

Matang is an investment holding company with subsidiaries principally involved in:

  • the management of plantation estate,
  • the sale of fresh fruit bunches (“FFB”); and
  • the property investment holding.

Matang owns the entire equity interest in the subsidiary company, Matang Holdings Berhad (“MHB”) which was incorporated on 3 April 1978 as a public limited investment holding company with primary objective of fostering inter-communal economic cooperation in conjunction with the economic policy of the country.

MHB is primarily involved in investment holding, the management of plantation estate and the sale of FFB. MHB, in turn, holds the entire equity interest in Matang Realty Sdn Bhd (“MRSB”), a company principally involved in the property investment holding. MRSB is the registered owner of the Matang Estate which comprises 45 contiguous pieces of agricultural lands located within the District of Ledang and District of Segamat, Johor with a total land area of 1,096.3 hectares, the land of which houses Matang’s oil palm plantation operations. MRSB is also the registered owner of a 5,016.85 square meters property development land located in Tangkak, District of Ledang, Johor (“Tangkak Investment Land”).

MHB also owns three units of detached buildings in Kawasan Perindustrian Larkin (also known as Dato’ Onn Industrial Estate), Johor Bahru, Johor with a total land area of 1.295 hectares (“Larkin Investment Property”), the properties of which are leased to multiple tenants for rental income.